Happy Healthy Living


About Me


I am a qualified nutritionist and fitness instructor who specializes in seniors who have health problems, have trouble balancing, or simply need to grow stronger to make their daily errands easier and more enjoyable, as well as people who are looking to lose weight, tone, and acquire the body that they desire.

I offer

- Personalized exercises to slim down and firm up, improve fitness level, increase muscle formation and reduce body fat.
- A program that targets your problem areas.
- Exercises for chronic conditions to alleviate pain, strengthen weak and unbalanced muscles and improve posture.
- Individualised meal plans specifically aimed at your height, age, gender and goal weight.
- Full body, head neck and shoulders, and back massages for pain alleviation caused by chronic conditions or delayed onset muscle soreness.

Exercises include body weight training, HIIT, yoga, pilates and aerobics, all incorporated in one session to achieve the silhouette that you desire, followed by an inclusive massage.

I hope that Happy Healthy Living will serve as a reliable resource in your journey towards true health.

I am located in Wellway Park East, Durbanville